Hi there, welcome to Polar Updates. It’s nice to see you here! This is the place where you’ll hear all the latest news about releases, new features and enhancements we have come up with at Polar. We also want to share with you what we have on deck for future updates. Whenever we’ve got something to tell you we’ll send you a notification at Flow; this way you’ll never miss a post.

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Polar V800 bug fix update

The version 1.7.27 of the V800 software includes a fix for set targets. It fixes an error which might pop up when you have more than one target for the same day on your V800. This release also fixes occasional crashes that occurred when the training sessions with power sensors were paused.

To keep track of all the bug fixes for V800, check out the Release Notes for Polar V800.

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Polar V650 software update with Flow app support

It’s here; the Polar V650 now syncs with the Polar Flow app.

Update your Polar V650 software to version 1.4.5 using FlowSync, check that you have the latest Flow app on your mobile and you’re ready to analyze your training sessions on the go!

You can find detailed instructions how to sync you training sessions with the Polar Flow app from the How do I sync my Polar V650 with the Polar Flow app? -support document. Read more

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Route import from 3rd party services to Polar Flow

We’re so excited to share today’s Flow update with you guys! From today onwards, you can import saved routes from 3rd party services to Polar Flow web service.  You can import either GPX or TCX files that are a maximum file size of 25 MB. After importing the wanted routes to Flow, you can sync them to your Polar V800 and Polar V650. To get some guidance during your journey, check out the route guidance instructions from your training device user manual. Read more

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Polar M400 software update with Strava pause time indicator

A software release (version 1.8.300) for the Polar M400 is available now available for update including the already introduced Strava pause time indicator. Also, gladly a fix has been found and added to this release for the bug that was bothering our phased target users when the targets were set to repeat.

In addition, the just released software includes a bunch of practical bug fixes to enhance your training experience. For the full list of bug fixes, check out the Polar M400 Release Notes.

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Polar Club 2.0 – The commercial release

We are proud to present to you the Polar Club 2.0 – a complete all-in-one solution that redefines the way group classes are run and managed.

With this update we’re bringing great functionalities that enable the Clubs and their customers to create a premium and fun training experience together with the Polar Club solution.

Polar Club now enables you to:

  • Enjoy the convenience of using one single solution to schedule and manage classes.
  • Educate your members as a Club and learn as a customer the benefits of heart rate training and how to reach results more efficiently.
  • Receive personalized and evidence based guidance to reach goals.
  • Boost inspiration and motivation through animated rewards, live heart rate and calorie data.
  • Get beneficial insights from class data and statistics.
  • Expand the reach of the club by building an engaging online community together with other club members.

Read more

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Strava pause time indicator enabled for Polar M450

The Strava story continues. Now also our Polar M450 users can get the full advantage of the pause time indicator in Strava. Connect your M450 with FlowSync on your computer and update the device software to 1.1.5. Remember to check that the Strava connection is enabled in your Flow settings!

To keep track of the releases and bug fixes, check out the Polar M450 Release Notes.

Happy cycling!


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The Polar Running Program is here

Training for a particular event or just in a need for some running guidance? Whether you’re running your first 5k or aiming for a marathon, running programs by Polar will help you get ready, and coach you all the way to the finish line.

The Running Program is tailored for your goal, based on Polar heart rate zones, taking your personal attributes and training background into account. The program is intelligent, it adapts along the way based on your development. Read more

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Polar Flow app 3.1 with practical bug fixes

Polar Flow app iOS

Our users had reported that the application was not syncing training sessions when the 12 hour clock was in use. This release brings a fix for this issue together with some other important bug fixes for our Flow app iOS users. Detailed list of rest of the fixes can be found from the Flow app iOS Release Notes.

Polar Flow app Android

Our Android users had accidentally shorter months in February and March if they were to believe their Flow apps. We’ve now corrected the months to appropriate lengths and all data should be corrected in the application regarding the time flaw. Not forgetting the Android bugs, we’ve also listed the fixed bugs for our Android application in the Flow app Android Release Notes.


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Do you have your physical settings up to date?

Did you know that the physical settings you were asked to set to your Polar when you took it to use actually affect all the data you receive from your training device? For example, if you haven’t set your weight correctly to your account, you might actually be burning more calories than the set weight indicates or the other way around! Nobody wants to miss those burnt calories, right? Read more

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