Hi there, welcome to Polar Updates. It’s nice to see you here! This is the place where you’ll hear all the latest news about releases, new features and enhancements we have come up with at Polar. We also want to share with you what we have on deck for future updates. Whenever we’ve got something to tell you we’ll send you a notification at Flow; this way you’ll never miss a post.

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Polar A360 firmware update

Today’s software release for the A360 (version 1.2.36) mainly includes fixes for to the running programs when used together with the A360. For example if you’ve set your A360 to show the heart rate in percentages and start a phased target, it might end up as a crashing. Not to worry, this is now fixed together with some other minor fixes which can be found from the Polar A360 Release Notes.

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Polar M600 sports watch – powered by Android Wear™

We are more than excited to introduce our new waterproof smartwatch truly made for sports powered by Android Wear, the Polar M600.

Built on Google’s Android Wear smartwatch platform, Polar M600 features our proprietary optical heart rate technology and provides wrist-based heart rate measurement via a 6-LED solution, using an algorithm designed and tested for maximum reliability. In addition to the new Android Wear platform, the Polar M600 also provides integrated GPS, 24/7 activity tracking and our famous Polar Smart Coaching features via the Polar App for Android Wear (for iOS and Android). Read more

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Polar Flow app 3.2.2 with Polar M600 support

Did you see the mysterious teaser going around Polar’s social media for the past week or so? If you did, you’re one step closer to know what’s about to go down. Now also our Flow app, both iOS and Android, are compatible with this exciting new product launched last week, the Polar M600.

The iOS version 3.2.2 released today not only support the new product but also brings a fix for the in app running programs training videos which didn’t work seamlessly for all users.

For detailed list of the bugs and new supported devices can be found from the Polar Flow app Release Notes.

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Polar Beat 2.1 with picture share

The Polar Beat (version 2.1) is following Polar Flow app’s footsteps by enabling a new way of sharing your training results to social media. It’s now possible to share your images along with your training data to social media and selected applications straight from the Polar Beat application. It even works the same way as Flow app’s share.

Just to refresh your memory, here’s a recap how it works; sweat a bit with your Polar Beat, check out your training summary and tap the image share button on the upper right corner. Choose a picture or take a new one, single out your favorite overlay for the training data and share! Simple and fun!

Bug fixes are listed in the Polar Beat Release Notes for further viewing.

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Polar Beat 2.0.2 for iOS

Users in certain areas had reported that their Polar Beat on their iOS devices was syncing their training sessions with GPS data as incomplete to Flow. This release, version 2.0.2 for iOS, focuses on fixing this unfortunate issue.

To keep up with the bug fixes and releases, check out the Release notes for Polar Beat.

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Polar Flow app 3.2.1 for iOS

Some users had reported that they’ve lost their sport profiles from their Polar device after syncing it with the Polar Flow app (only iOS). After some investigation we managed to find the nasty bug that caused the sport profiles to disappear. The good news are that we have now captured the nuisance and the error has been fixed among other minor bug fixes and improvements in this 3.2.1 version of the Flow app (iOS).

For detailed list of the bug fixes, take a look at the Polar Flow app Release Notes for iOS.


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Polar Flow Events

Polar Flow Events are for sports enthusiasts, just like you, who love to attend sports events and have little competition every now and then.

It provides sports events around the world, enables the possibility to share training sessions and thoughts before the race and peek into other participants’ race results after the race from the leaderboard. If you want to keep your race behind closed doors, you can choose to set the event private and keep the race just between you and your friends.

Click the community tab from the top bar in Flow and find an event close to you!

And again, we joined forces with our amazing group of Polar Ambassadors who will be attending races from 5k to marathons during the upcoming months and they will be sharing their results in the Flow Events. Go have a look, join the race and see if you can keep up with our fabulous ambassadors.

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Polar Flow and TrainingPeaks connectivity

TrainingPeaks connectivity is now live! This means from today onwards you can automatically sync your training data with TrainingPeaks directly from Flow.  The integration with TrainingPeaks allows us to extend our services even further by offering yet another opportunity for users to use their training data to improve performance, meet their goals and take your training to the next level.

To get started, simply log into your Polar Flow web account, go to settings, locate the new TrainingPeaks link and connect your Flow account with TrainingPeaks. TrainingPeaks will open automatically, and once logged into their account, you can authorize the connection.

For detailed instructions how to connect your Flow account to TrainingPeaks, see the How can I automatically sync my data from Polar Flow to TrainingPeaks -support document.


Happy training!

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Polar V650 1.4.6 firmware update with 3rd party power sensor fix

It seems that after the previous release we had accidentally given super powers to a bug that caused the 3rd party power values to show double in the Flow web service. We’re glad to have tamed this monster and the power values should show correctly now after this release.

In addition to above, we also did some distance calculation fixes to enhance the user experience.

Once you have updated your Polar V650, please note that you may need to pair the sensors again with your device.

All fixes are listed in the Polar V650 Release Notes.


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