Updates for Polar A360


Les Mills is here!

Come and experience the world famous Les Mills workouts and enjoy the benefits of fitness tracking along with the new Les Mills sport profiles!

As a Polar user you are now able to track Les Mills workouts with compatible Polar fitness trackers through Les Mills sport profiles. Firstly, update your Polar Flow app to version 3.2.3. Add the Les Mills sport profiles through the Android app or from the Flow web service settings, sync your device and hit the class to record your favorite Les Mills workout. For those of you using an iOS device, we ensure you that the Les Mills specific workout profiles are on their way and coming really soon.

But there’s more! After your class, you can share your workout summary from the Polar Flow app with your own image together with a Les Mills stamp.   Read more

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Polar A360 firmware update

Today’s software release for the A360 (version 1.2.36) mainly includes fixes for to the running programs when used together with the A360. For example if you’ve set your A360 to show the heart rate in percentages and start a phased target, it might end up as a crashing. Not to worry, this is now fixed together with some other minor fixes which can be found from the Polar A360 Release Notes.

Team Polar



The Polar Running Program is here

Training for a particular event or just in a need for some running guidance? Whether you’re running your first 5k or aiming for a marathon, running programs by Polar will help you get ready, and coach you all the way to the finish line.

The Running Program is tailored for your goal, based on Polar heart rate zones, taking your personal attributes and training background into account. The program is intelligent, it adapts along the way based on your development. Read more

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Do you have your physical settings up to date?

Did you know that the physical settings you were asked to set to your Polar when you took it to use actually affect all the data you receive from your training device? For example, if you haven’t set your weight correctly to your account, you might actually be burning more calories than the set weight indicates or the other way around! Nobody wants to miss those burnt calories, right? Read more

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Polar A360 software update

Remember we gave you a sneak peek about the upcoming feature releases for the Polar A360? Get ready for the first one…

This release (software version 1.1.28) will take your training sessions with your A360 to a whole new level! Now you have the option to keep the display lit for the whole duration of your workout, so you can continuously see your heart rate throughout the session. To enable this feature, simply start your workout, press and continue to press the screen on your A360 until it shows you a light bulb icon. The screen will stay on until you turn it off (by pressing the screen as long as a crossed over light bulb is shown) or until you have finished your session. More information on the new feature can be found from this handy support document. Please note that the battery consumption of your A360 will increase if the display is lit during your entire training session.

Also a neat feature to keep you on track – you can see the next upcoming alarm behind the “My day” selection on your A360. Just scroll down the My day -feed to see your alarm which you have set and synced from your Flow app.

To top things off, this release also allows you to connect your A360 with our newest member of the Polar family, Polar Balance.


Team Polar



Polar A360 future feature updates

It’s been such a warm welcome for our new Polar A360 and we’ve got a lot of positive feedback on our new fitness tracker. We’re so happy you’re as excited about the new product as we are. This been said, we would like to unveil some future updates we’re planning for the A360 during the first half of the upcoming year 2016.

First of all, we’ve heard you would like to have the possibility to follow your heart rate more closely and have the display ON during your training sessions. This is something we have our engineers working on and you’ll be training with a lit display before you know it!

Our research and R&D department have also been working on improving the performance of the algorithm during a high intensity running interval training session. This will help you get even more accurate heart rate readings on your intervals and this way help you improve your performance.

As we’ve been working on the speed and distance for our other products, we’re excited to share that also A360 will have this feature in the upcoming feature updates.

There’s also one more thing in the works we’ve heard you’ve been asking for; the possibility to use the A360 as a Bluetooth smart heart rate sensor the same way as the Polar H7 is used currently. This means you could use the A360 as a heart rate sensor for example together with our Polar Beat application or even during your rides with the Polar M450.


– Team Polar



Flow app iOS 2.5 update

As the Polar A360 brought something completely new to our line of products along with the wrist based heart rate measurement, we’re now bringing something new to our mobile applications. From this Flow app release onwards, you’re able to take your A360 into use with our Flow app mobile application.  No need for a computer anymore to take the device into use, nor when there’s a software update available – you can do both of these solely with your mobile!

For our Android users, this has been built in to the Android Flow app application already in the previous release, Flow app Android version 2.5. Read more

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