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The Polar Running Program is here

Training for a particular event or just in a need for some running guidance? Whether you’re running your first 5k or aiming for a marathon, running programs by Polar will help you get ready, and coach you all the way to the finish line.

The Running Program is tailored for your goal, based on Polar heart rate zones, taking your personal attributes and training background into account. The program is intelligent, it adapts along the way based on your development. Read more

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Do you have your physical settings up to date?

Did you know that the physical settings you were asked to set to your Polar when you took it to use actually affect all the data you receive from your training device? For example, if you haven’t set your weight correctly to your account, you might actually be burning more calories than the set weight indicates or the other way around! Nobody wants to miss those burnt calories, right? Read more

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Polar Loop and Loop 2 software updates

Today was a Loop day, since we did software releases for both of our Polar Loop and Polar Loop 2 activity trackers. The release included some important back end fixes but also a notification message to your Loop to remind you to re-plug the USB cable if the charging needs to be reset. Be sure to update your Loop software (Loop 1.2.16 & Loop2 1.1.33) the next time you sync your Loop with FlowSync.

Full list of the fixes and enhancements can be seen from the Polar Loop Release Notes and Polar Loop 2 Release Notes.


Team Polar


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Polar Balance – More than just a scale

Did you gain a few of those Christmas pounds? Or maybe made a new year’s resolution to start a healthier life. We’ll help you keep that promise! The new Polar Balance is a complete weight management service that combines the Polar Balance Bluetooth® Smart scale, a Polar wearable fitness device*, and the Polar Flow app and web service. Read more

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Polar Loop 1.2.13 software update

Today’s Polar Loop software 1.2.13 release brings a few practical bug fixes for Polar Loop users. For example in this release, we have fixed the mischievous bug that was causing the Polar Loop to suddenly show incorrect activity percentages during the day for some users. Also a few Android 4.4.X users have reported some pairing challenges with their Loop and their mobile. This release should allow these users now to be able to pair their Loop with the Flow app.   Read more



Care for your Polar

Your Polar device is your daily companion and it also needs love and care just as the rest of us. It bears with you through all those obstacles that come your way and pushes you to your limits so it’s more than fair to give your Polar some TLC every once in a while.

Rinse and dry your product*, especially the USB port, after every training session to keep it clean from sweat, salt water and dirt. No need to worry, since the USB port itself is water resistant and you can rinse it under running water without worrying it would damage the electronic components. Remember not to charge or synchronize your Polar device when it is still wet. This also applies after a sweaty training session when there still might be some moisture on the surface of the device.

To make sure the device is dry, shake off the extra water from the USB area, dry it with a cloth and leave it to dry with the USB cap open to ensure that also the moisture from  the USB area will dry up. Drying times vary depending on the environment (humidity etc.) and in very humid conditions it might take hours to completely dry up.  Before syncing, it’s good to double check the USB port is dry and there’s no dust,dirt or even hair in the connector cavity.

You can find detailed care instructions for your device from here.

*excluding our cycling products and the RC3 GPS (IPX7) Read more

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Windows 10 compatibility with Polar products and softwares

The official version of Windows 10 was launched a few days back, 29th of July. We write to inform that Polar products using FlowSync and WebSync data transfer applications are compatible with the Windows 10 operating system, with one exception.  Some users who have updated to Windows 10 might face challenges with the synchronization with the Polar V650 since the device might not be recognized when attached to the USB port. Rest assured, we’re working on it.  Read more

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Polar Flow for Coach – online training tool for coaches and personal trainers

Polar Flow for Coach is designed for personal trainers and coaches to conveniently connect with their clients and monitor their progress and results. Polar Flow for Coach is an online service that uses data tracked by the client’s Polar Flow compatible training device or activity tracker. With this information coach can follow their client’s progress and see if the training plan requires adaptation or if it is the client who needs some extra boost or additional guidance. Registering a Polar Flow for Coach account is completely free of charge! Read more

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