Updates for Polar M400


Polar M400 firmware update

The Polar M400 firmware 1.8.500 update includes a bunch of usage enhancing bug fixes. For example, we’ve enabled the possibility to read, scroll and dismiss notifications when the buttons are locked.   Also we fixed the error which might have come up during the pre-training mode if you had multiple targets for the same day.  Read more



Polar M400 software update with Strava pause time indicator

A software release (version 1.8.300) for the Polar M400 is available now available for update including the already introduced Strava pause time indicator. Also, gladly a fix has been found and added to this release for the bug that was bothering our phased target users when the targets were set to repeat.

In addition, the just released software includes a bunch of practical bug fixes to enhance your training experience. For the full list of bug fixes, check out the Polar M400 Release Notes.

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The Polar Running Program is here

Training for a particular event or just in a need for some running guidance? Whether you’re running your first 5k or aiming for a marathon, running programs by Polar will help you get ready, and coach you all the way to the finish line.

The Running Program is tailored for your goal, based on Polar heart rate zones, taking your personal attributes and training background into account. The program is intelligent, it adapts along the way based on your development. Read more

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Do you have your physical settings up to date?

Did you know that the physical settings you were asked to set to your Polar when you took it to use actually affect all the data you receive from your training device? For example, if you haven’t set your weight correctly to your account, you might actually be burning more calories than the set weight indicates or the other way around! Nobody wants to miss those burnt calories, right? Read more

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Polar M400 software update with running cadence

If you’re into running, it’s a good idea to monitor your cadence every now and then. Cadence is calculated by counting the number of steps you take per minute, and dividing it by two. For example, if your take 180 steps per minute counting both feet, your cadence is 90.

Software release for the PolarM400 now shows your running cadence from your wrist during your runs. There’s no need to calibrate, it is calculated automatically using the accelerometer. Read more



Polar Balance – More than just a scale

Did you gain a few of those Christmas pounds? Or maybe made a new year’s resolution to start a healthier life. We’ll help you keep that promise! The new Polar Balance is a complete weight management service that combines the Polar Balance Bluetooth® Smart scale, a Polar wearable fitness device*, and the Polar Flow app and web service. Read more

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